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First Research Results on RENK Roller Test Stand Convincing

For the first time officially, Fendt/Marktoberdorf presented its newly-supplied RENK All-wheel Roller Test Stand at the recent International Convention for Agricultural Engineering in Hannover. The first attempts on the test stand show a nearly 100% reproducibility, regarding dynamics, consumption, and heat balance of the vehicles to be tested. Furthermore, findings were already discovered on our test stand before they were verified in the field.

The test layout, which includes four individually driven rollers, was already successfully handed over at the beginning of 2015, after barely a year of development time. The turnkey test system features four AC motors with nominal power of 250 kW each, for either drive or brake performance. An additional AC motor allows a parallel loading of the specimen at either a front or rear PTO. Special actuators simulate corresponding stability of the tractor during testing.

About AGCO
The AGCO Corporation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of tractors and agricultural machinery. AGCO products include tractors, combine harvesters, hay and seed drills, fertilizer equipment, and tilling equipment. Fendt, the premium brand within the AGCO Corporation, employs more than 4,000 workers throughout Germany.

About RTS
RENK Test System GmbH (RTS) is a 100 percent subsidiary of RENK AG: a manufacturer of high-quality specialized gears, gearboxes, and drive components. RTS produces tailor-made test systems for the aerospace, railway, automotive, and wind energy industries. RENK AG is predominantly owned by the MAN SE Group.

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