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Major Order from the aviation industry

With its 10th anniversary in 2014, RTS received the largest single order for a test system in aviation history. This impressive order, in the double-digit million range, was made by a well-known engine manufacturer.


The project concerns a tailor-made test bench for the development of gears in large bypass engines in the multi-megawatt range. Through use of the test bench, the specimen will undergo conditions as if it were actually in flight. As far as sheer size and power, this arrangement consists of one of the largest-load test facilities of her kind worldwide. Bypass engines also considerably reduce consumption and noise, when compared with conventional turbines.


It was only a few months ago that a project of similar size was concluded successfully overseas, through the cooperation of various RENK facilities. As always, the facilities in Augsburg, the Rheine, Hannover, and Winterthur work together to serve of our customers, with the knowledge necessary to offer highly complex test bench solutions.


About RTS
RENK Test System GmbH (RTS) is a 100 percent subsidiary of RENK AG, a manufacturer of high-quality special gears and drive components. RENK AG is majority owned by the MAN SE group. RTS produces tailor made test systems for the aerospace, railway, automotive and wind energy. RTS builds test rigs since 1960, for high-quality special gears and drive components. In 1986, the department for internal control and inspection systems transferred to the strategic business unit RENK Control and Test Systems and 2004 to RENK Test System GmbH.