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RTS delivers two test benches for the new test center of SKF

SKF will establish in Schweinfurt/Germany the most powerful test center world-wide. This test center will produce large bearings for all industries in a clearly more economic and resource-conscious way, and increase the reliability and life span of such bearings significantly from more precise designing to, later, operating conditions.
Considering both test systems this project ranks among the top orders in history of RENK Test System GmbH.
The smaller one of the test systems allows intensive testing of big bearings for industries such as for as shipbuilding, mining or cement, and steel-production, while the bigger one is suited particularly for investigating huge bearings in the field of renewable energy. Also, the latter will be the first worldwide which is capable of testing not just the single main-bearing of wind turbines but also the entire bearing-supports. The system will apply dynamic loads coming from all directions to the gigantic bearings. Their combination will be several times higher than the biggest ones existing today. This allows extreme dynamic loads very near to reality.


About SKF

SKF is among the world-wide leading manufacturer of bearings, sealings and lubrication systems including extensive services in the field of engineering, maintenance and training. SKF is located around the world in more than 130 countries represented by about 15.000 dealerships.


About RTS

RENK Test System GmbH (RTS) is a 100 percent subsidiary of RENK AG, a manufacturer of high-quality special gears and drive components. RTS produces tailor made test systems for the aerospace, railway, automotive and wind energy. RENK AG is in majority owned by the MAN SE group.